Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Description: Threepairs of barbels. dark brown in color.


Habitat: Mountain range.

Breeding: Not observed.

Status: Endemic.

Description: vertical strips on body. yellowish bron in color.


Habitat: shaloww, flowing water bodies.

Breeding: Not observed.


Description: spots on body and yeloow in color.


Habitat: Wilpita akurassa.

Breeding:Not observed.

Status: Endemic.

Description: Golden brown in color.

Size: 3-4cm.

Habitat: shalow, cool heavily shaded streams.

Breeding:spawning eggs.

Status: Endemic.

Description: Redis in color.Sometimes Black strip on body.

Size: 2-3cm.

Habitat: Heavily shaded streams with clear water

Breading: Spawning eggs


Description: Golden color in sides and dorsally green browing in color.

Size: 8-10cm.

Breeding: spawning eggs

Habitat:Shaded streams

Status: Endemic

Description: Dorsally olive and sides are silver with a golden sheen. Yellow vertical strips on the body.
Size: 3-6cm.

Breeding:Spawning eggs.

Habitat: Slow flowing streams in marshly areas

Status: Endemic